#5060 – Time with God #1

Good morning people who have committed to spend daily time with the Lord.

I am often asked about how my daily time with the Lord looks. So, permit me to share a few things about my personal time with God – I pray it helps you on your journey with Him.

I do not have a formula that I follow.

For me, a structured routine of a certain order, length or quantity isn’t conducive to me relationally encountering God. I think it’s really important to keep in mind that our time with Father is not something to do, but it is someone we meet with.

If you think about it naturally, the best relationships don’t have every minute mapped out in advance. No, you catch-up with someone and it flows from there. This is how it is with me and God.

I do not set the agenda.

I start focusing on God and let Him direct me to what He wants me to do. Now this might not work easily for everyone, but this seems to work well for me. Let me be more specific about what I mean.

If I feel He wants to meet with me in His Word, I start there. I often ask Him what He wants me to meditate on and a particular verse or book of the Bible drops into my spirit. I turn there and start slowly reading, expecting God to speak to me.

When He speaks, I stop and mediate further on it, engage in conversation with God about it, and let Him direct where He wants to go from this starting point.

One of the most important truths I could ever pass onto anyone about reading God’s Word is this: Don’t focus on getting through a certain amount of the Bible – focus on meeting with God.

Let’s continue with more tomorrow.