#5058 – God Is Not

Good morning people who believe the truth about who God is.

In our desire to know God better, we must also know who He is not, as well as who He is.

We must not allow our experiences, our fears, our failures, our disappointments, our education, our frustrations, our insecurities, or our pride keep us from seeing God as He actually is.

So, what are some things that God is not?

God is not a theological concept. God is not a theory or a good idea. God is not just an image created by words on a page.

God is not an idol or an image crafted by human hands.

God is not an alternative or an option. God is not one among many.

God is not an empowerer of our wills, a fulfiller of our desires, or a spiritual version of Santa Claus.

God is not a get-out-of-hell free card.

God is not perpetually angry, solemn or serious.

God is not confused, distant, aloof or uninterested.

God is not egotistical, demanding or demeaning.

God is not fragile or insecure.

God is not the equal opposite in power to the devil.

May we all come to know the truth of who God is, and may we all enter more deeply into intimate relationship through this revelation.