#5046 – I Am Enough

Good morning people who walk with the Great I Am.

The Lord says, “I am enough.”

God is enough for you dear friends. He is your sufficiency, your strength, your hope, your joy.

He is your life, your foundation, your salvation, your deliverance.

He is greater, and brighter, and more beautiful than any other.

He is light, He is love, He is enough.

And the Lord says, “You are enough.”

Many hear these words and say, “No, not me.”

And the Lord says, “Yes, you are enough.”

If you are born again and a new creation in Christ Jesus, you are enough.

If you have the Spirit of God living in you and leading you, you are enough.

If His blood has saved you and sanctified you and made you righteous, then you are enough!

The devil is a liar! Don’t listen to his condemning words of accusation! He speaks from a place of deception; veiling his lies with bits of truth and lots of natural evidence. But he does so because he is against you.

But God is for you and He is in you! He is enough, and you are enough!