#5031 – Good Friday

Good morning people who are grateful for the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

In this time when we are talking about the origin of the voice that we are listening to and being led by, it’s important that we look at Easter through this lens.

Jesus came to earth because He listened to and obeyed the voice of His Father who sent Him to seek and save the lost.

Jesus ministered powerfully under the anointing of the Holy Spirit as He listened to and obeyed the instructions of His Father which He received daily in His time with Him.

Jesus did not abort His purpose and divine calling as Saviour of the world because He landed in the place of “Not My will, but Yours be done Father.” This was submission to the voice and the will of His Father in heaven.

You and I are saved, set free, called, anointed, empowered, holy, righteous, blameless and victorious because Jesus was listening to and led by the voice of God!

And we honour His life, death and resurrection when we live the same way too!

Accepting Jesus as Saviour is essential for eternal life. There is no other way, no other name and no other god.

Submitting to Jesus as Lord is the way that He is honoured by those who accept Him as Saviour. Submission to His Lordship is evidenced by listening to and being led by the voice of God.

It’s always about the origin of who told us what we are living from.

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