#5008 – God of Power

Good morning people who are filled with the Holy Spirit of power and might.

Galatians 3:5 TPT Let me ask you again: What does the lavish supply of the Holy Spirit in your life and the miracles of God’s tremendous power have to do with you keeping religious laws? The Holy Spirit is poured out upon us through the revelation and power of faith!


A person filled with the Spirit of God is a person who has access to the fullness of the Holy Spirit’s power! While this might not be our experience, it most surely is the truth!

Salvation is not based on keeping religious laws. But nor is the Holy Spirit being poured out on us the result of us keeping religious laws.

God is shifting something in the body of Christ right now. He is bringing us back to the eternal truth that God is enough. This is not a weakening of standards and a cheap grace gospel. Not at all.

This is however, the correct and only focus that releases the power that many long for. This power is intended to be a healthy and normal part of our own lives, and it is equally intended to be a healthy and normal part of the life of the spirit through our lives to other people.

This requires faith in God. Not just faith in something happening, but faith in someone working!

God is all-powerful; this is who He is! He is a miracle-working God; this is who He is! And He chooses to partner with submitted followers of Christ; this is who He is!!

It’s time to return to a normal, Spirit-led, Spirit-empowered, signs, wonders and miracles life!


Will you join me?