#5005 – Empowering God

Good morning people who live life in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Galatians 2:8 TPT For the same God who empowered Peter’s apostolic ministry to the Jews also flowed through me as an apostle to those who are gentiles.

We were never created to do life or ministry on our own. Our smarts, our strength, our knowledge, our charisma, our understanding, our ability – none of it is enough.

God empowers those He sends. This is His plan and this is His way.

And I love that we see in this scripture, that God empowered Peter in his ministry and He also empowered Paul in his different ministry calling.

The God who empowers the apostle also empowers the prophet and the evangelist and the pastor and the teacher.

The God who empowers the retail worker also empowers the factory worker and the school teacher and the doctor and the lawyer.

The God who empowers the married person also empowers the single person and the young person and the retired person.

Anyone who is born of the Spirit of God and who keeps in step with the Spirit of God will be empowered by God! What a beautiful promise! What a profound truth!

So, lean into God today and receive the power you need to do the mission that God has assigned for you to do. And may it all be for His glory. Amen.