#4967 – The Journey

Good morning people who don’t let moments determine your destiny in God.

Father, I thank You for the journey.

I am grateful Father that a moment is not the whole picture.

Whether it be a moment of pain, of difficulty, of challenge, of failure, or of betrayal, it is part of an ongoing journey, one that You are authoring and You are directing, Father.

Thank You Father that my times are not in the hands of any other person. No one is supreme in my life but You!

Joseph had a long moment in betrayal, in false accusation, in prison and in being forgotten, but his journey was still being directed by You!

And this story is repeated countless times throughout the pages of the Bible, including fiery furnaces, lion’s dens, caves, prisons, shipwrecks, wilderness isolation and the common theme of betrayal by those who were close.

And yet You continued to work! Your master plan ALWAYS happened when people stayed in harmony with Your Spirit!

And so I thank You that my story is the same. Father, I thank You for my journey – every part – because You are doing a good work in me for Your glory.