#4827 – Focus on God

Good morning people who choose to fix your attention on God.

Fear is the result of what we focus on the most.

The healthy fear of the Lord – reverential adoration – is the result of focusing on God above all else. The fear of the Lord is absent in casual Christianity.

Equally so, the unhealthy fear from the enemy is the result of focusing on the “What ifs?” of life. These can be as varied as they are frequent, and the opportunity to enter into this fear is common to all.

We need to picture fear like a room that is on the other side of a closed door. Entering into fear is not automatic, and nor is it forced on us.

Yes, it can seem overwhelming (I have been there many times), and it can seem inescapable (again, I have been there many times), but these very convincing relentless feelings are not the life-giving truth of God’s word.

We always have the choice as to whether we open the door to fear from the enemy or the fear of the Lord. Always. I know it doesn’t feel like it – I get it – but there is a holy responsibility on me that is fuelled by deep love for you, and that is to speak the truth in love, and not to perpetuate the lie.

Fear is either behind a closed door that we can choose to open or to not open…

Or fear is in the room that we have entered into. Let’s look further at this tomorrow.