#4776 – Greater Miracles

Good morning people who still believe that God is supernatural.

I declare, these are days of greater miracles!

God is still healing people and setting them free! He is still saving sinners and transforming lives!

I never want to reduce God to the God of yesterday. Absolutely, He is eternal, and He is the God of yesterday, but He is also the God of today and forever!

And He does not change!!

We know this, and it is so simple, but do we truly believe it?

If we do, we will go after greater miracles! We will take the opportunity to pray for the sick. We will stir up the gifts of God so that we can supernaturally bless the body of Christ in which we are a vital part.

Belief in God and His supernatural power will result in steps of faith.

Otherwise, is it truly a belief in God?

So, I ask you today, in what way does the ever-present and never-changing almighty God want to do a miracle through you?