#4775 – It Is Finished

Good morning people who walk in the fullness of what Jesus has done.

I don’t want to settle for partial when what the Lord has done is complete!

There is a rising militancy in my spirit about us as believers being the victorious, overcoming, triumphant body of Christ!

We are the church! We are God’s army! We are God’s family! We are God’s bride!

We are dead to sin and alive in Christ! We are seated in heavenly places with Christ! We have been given authority over all the enemy’s power by Christ!

Jesus declared the life-changing words, “It is finished!” As He did, something eternal shifted for us all!

I simply, but strongly, feel in the Holy Spirit to remind us all of these words today: “It is finished!”

These words affect our starting position. We start in victory when we are in Christ! His victory is our victory because He is our victory!! I don’t want to confuse you – I just want to stir your faith and see your confidence rise again!!!

God is for you, so who can be against you?!

God and you > the devil and problems!!