#4773 – Obedience > Outcome

Good morning people who follow the leading of the Lord at all times.

Our natural lives are based on outcomes. This starts with school, carries into work, sports and hobbies.

The questions people ask are often based on measurable outcomes, and more praise is given to greater results. This is life.

But it’s not always kingdom.

Even Jesus, although He saw many miracles along the way, had a diminishing number of disciples, including one who denied him, two who were arguing about who was better, and one even committed suicide. Not a great outcome by any measure.

Yet Jesus obeyed His Father fully, and as a result, brought Him glory on the earth.

For some of you reading this today, you have obeyed God, but you haven’t seen the results that you expected. Don’t beat yourself up – your part is the obedience, and when done by faith, God smiles.

I release supernatural joy and peace to you today as you continue to keep in step with the leading of the Holy Spirit, regardless of outcomes.