#4769 – Pure in Heart

Good morning people who desire to see God with more clarity.

Matthew 5:8 NIV Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

Pure: ‘clean, clear, pure’

See: ‘discern clearly, to gaze with wide-open eyes at something remarkable’

The purity of our pursuit determines the clarity of our vision.

Again, this is not a natural law as much as it is a spiritual law.

Purity in heart is deeply connected to holiness, and holiness is something that God wants restored in His church.

We are called to be a holy people, not a worldly people.

God alone determines what is clean, clear and pure. 

The greatest way to live pure in heart is to step back from our own desires, wants and feelings, and to ask God what He declares about a thing. This requires humility, which is also essential for purity of heart.

The result is an increase in seeing God with greater clarity of insight and vision. Beautiful!