#4759 – Conversation Focus

Good morning people who glorify God even through the valleys of life.

Yes, Paul mentioned his thorn in the flesh (most likely a physical illness), but that’s what it was – a mention.

When we look at Paul’s many letters, the overwhelming message we hear is about the grace, power, supremacy and authority of Jesus Christ in his life and through his life.

Paul is such a clear signpost to Jesus! And he does this while living with physical challenges.

What am I trying to say today?

I feel the invitation (or maybe instruction) from God to some of us today is this:

“Change the theme of your narrative.”

Is God the central subject in our conversations, or are we?

Is God’s sufficiency and supremacy the focus of what we talk about, or is our perceived lack constantly grabbing the attention?

Please, I am truly not trying to be disrespectful or insensitive to what you are going through. The truth is, we will all go through difficulties – just like Paul.

But the greater truth is, our difficulty does not have to control our narrative.

Jesus is still on the throne, He is still worthy of praise, and our lives – no matter what we are walking through – can and should glorify and exalt Jesus to the highest place.