#4705 – When God Speaks

Good morning people who handle what God says correctly

It’s time to anticipate God speaking. This is His desire, and in truth, He is continually speaking.

God speaks through His written Word, the Bible. God speaks personally through the Holy Spirit. God speaks prophetically through other people.

God speaks.

So, what should we do when God speaks?

We should listen and look.

What is God actually saying and what does He wants to show us about what He has said?

We should prioritise what God says and what God shows us.

Don’t rush on from God speaking, and don’t treat it as an ordinary and common thing. This is God speaking, and the highest value should be placed on it.

We should partner with God in seeing it fulfilled.

God’s Word is always His intention, but we most certainly have a part to play in seeing it come to pass. Our obedience to all that God has said is a key to seeing it fulfilled.

We should allow for God’s timing.

Many biblical prophetic words were fulfilled after the lifetime of the hearer. Let’s not add a timing to something that God has not given a timing for.

We should stay in faith.

When we don’t understand the disconnect between what God has said and the reality we are presently experiencing, our commitment to keep trusting God pleases Him greatly and it is an incredible testimony to others.

What is the next step for you in seeing God’s Word fulfilled?