#4702 – No Wasted Days

Good morning people who live every moment for the glory of God

I am increasingly gripped by living every day for kingdom purpose.

This is not limited to people like me who are called to “full-time ministry.” In fact, this language is sometimes the very words the enemy uses to convince people that “full-time ministry is for people like ‘them’.”

I wonder if we need to replace the words “full-time ministry” with “full-time Christian.” I wonder if “full-time follower of Jesus” and “full-time minister of reconciliation” are better phrases to describe every believer.

If we have a revival of what it means to be fully alive in Christ, to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and to bring the Father glory, no believer would entertain the concept of wasted moments, hours or days.

Time matters.

In fact, time is a gift from God to be used for His glory. We can’t store it up, save it, declare it is “my time”, or replay it.

We can only live a moment once, so let’s live every moment for the glory of God.