#4694 – Continual Outpouring

Good morning people who let the Holy Spirit be poured out through your life

The Holy Spirit wants to continually fill us and continually flow through us.

Like a natural river, there is continual water flowing in, and continual water flowing out.

In fact, if the water doesn’t flow out, the Book of Ezekiel describes an unpleasant outcome:

Ezekiel 47:11 NIV But the swamps and marshes will not become fresh; they will be left for salt.

A swamp and a marsh is a body of water that has input but no output.

I believe that we need to be as intentional about letting the Holy Spirit flow out of us as we are about Him flowing into us. We need both output and input.

There is nothing wrong with soaking time in God. I love it. Deep saturation in God’s Word, deep times of intimacy in worship and prayer, and deep times of receiving and drinking deeply from the ever-present Holy Spirit.

But we are not left on this earth just to be filled! We must flow! We must let the Holy Spirit life in us release and minister His life through us and touch others!

I just saw a picture of the Holy Spirit inside some of God’s people, knocking on the door to get out, not to get in.

It’s time to let the river of the Holy Spirit flow – yes, in – but also, out.