#4673 – Redirect Conversations

Good morning people who don’t lose by default to the enemy’s narrative

(New video below)

Recently while worshipping at Church, the Holy Spirit started talking to me about the word redirect. This is what He said:

Redirect; it’s time to direct again. It’s time for the Church to direct again the conversations that are happening.

As I leant in, I felt Him draw me towards the reality that many believers have been silenced in the narrative that is being spoken.

This can be in the world. We hear conversations that are clearly anti-scriptural, but due to not wanting to be labelled intolerant or graceless, we lose our voice.

Unfortunately, this can also be in the church. Debates, reasoning, logic, emotions and people’s stories are increasingly resulting in false teaching and heresy. Wrong beliefs are grabbing the headlines and directing the narrative. It’s time for this to change!

Sometimes the silence is in the battle in our mind and emotions. The enemy has hijacked many believer’s thinking, and he has masterfully and deceptively silenced our warrior cry with a worrier cry.

It’s time to redirect the conversation! It’s time to find our voice again! It’s time to reclaim lost ground and restate lost truth!

Yes, we need the wisdom and the power of God to do this in a way that honours the Father, but we most certainly do need to this.

What conversation does the Holy Spirit want you to redirect today?

Watch a 5-minute video on having the mind of Christ in “Time To Redirect”