#4670 – Knowing God’s Will

Good morning people who know and live by the will of God

Not every wrong desire that comes to the flesh is wrong in and of itself.

Sometimes we can justify our disobedience to what God is saying because it is not a wrong thing in and of itself that we are choosing in the flesh.

Jesus had to say no to the wrong desire to not go to the cross.

Now, there was nothing wrong with not wanting to die on a cross (we would all say that this was right and reasonable).

But what made it wrong was that it was contrary to the Father’s will, and this is why Jesus said, “Not my will, but you’re be done.”

Sometimes in our lives, we know that God is calling us to do something that we don’t want to do. It may require sacrifice. It may require discipline. It may require saying no to our natural desires of the flesh.

The calling itself may be neither right or wrong, but if God has said it, then it is right, and it is the only right choice to make.

It’s essential that the Church knows God’s will, otherwise we will give into wrong desires that look right, and in and of themselves, may be right and reasonable.

God’s will is found in Jesus Christ, in God’s Word, and in what the Spirit is saying to us personally.