#4664 – One Nature

Good morning people who now live in the nature of God

If you are born again in Christ, you do not have two natures; one sinful and one alive in God. This wrong doctrine pervades many believer’s thinking, and therefore, it is continual fuel to a losing battle.

Let me lean in even further and make a statement that may be a wrestle for some of you. But please hear me and let me unpack it over several days, because it will be life and power to you, and it most definitely is the truth of God’s Word.

As a Christian, your flesh is not sinful.

The word flesh in the Greek does not refer to sinful. It is the word sarx and it means ‘flesh (as stripped of skin), the meat of an animal, the body (as opposed to soul or spirit), the symbol of what is external’. And yes, it does include our ‘natural desires and appetites’.

Why is this important for me to say?

Because I believe we are fighting the wrong battles, wrestling against the wrong enemy, and fearing what doesn’t need to be feared!

Let me make a statement today to pull you towards where I want to head tomorrow as we continue to lean in deeply:

Jesus came in the flesh, but He was not sinful in His nature.

Oh, I feel some revelation and freedom coming!