#4663 – Who You Are

Good morning people who see yourself how God sees you

Seeing God accurately and knowing who He truly is is essential to living fully alive in Christ.

Seeing ourselves accurately and knowing who we truly are in Christ is also essential to living fully alive in Christ.

Many well-meaning Christians believe the often-quoted statement, “I am a sinner saved by grace.” The intention for saying and believing this is to not elevate ourselves in a superior, ‘better-than-thou’ way to others. It’s a great motivation, but it is not the truth, and therefore, there is danger attached to believing this.

The truth is, if we are born again, we now have the Holy Spirit living in us. Our whole being has become His dwelling place; His home!

To say that we are sinners or sinful, is to declare that we belong to the ownership, lordship and authority of the demonic realm. This is not true for a follower of Jesus Christ!

As ones who are born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, we are now ‘saints who sometimes sin’. I add ‘who sometimes sin’ for those who are still wrestling with what I am saying. It’s almost like we want to keep on reiterating that we still struggle with sin at times. But I believe we are giving it too much attention, weight and power, and we are living with an expectation that this is the way it will always be!

So, let me say it this way: In Christ, we are saints! In Christ we are sons and daughters, who are accepted and loved by God, and we are holy and righteous in His sight!!!

Let’s lean into this further from God’s Word over coming days as we speak the truth about who we are in Christ.