#4659 – Avoiding Error

Good morning people who honour and keep the integrity of God’s Word

Too many “Christians” are believing, living and preaching doctrines that are contrary to scripture, and they do it all in the name of grace.

I’m going to be blunt:

Any doctrine that is different to what the Bible says is not truth, and there is no grace attached to it!

Making people feel comfortable and ok with their lives was never Jesus’ objective.

In fact, if people feel comfortable and ok with how they are living, there is no reason to receive grace and be transformed into the image of God!

Let me say it this way:

If people always feel comfortable with what we are preaching or living, then I believe there is a lack of truth and grace in us.

Jesus’ life confronted sinful people! But it did not lead to condemnation (unless His message was rejected), but rather, it led to salvation for those who embraced His fulness of grace and truth.

I declare that these are days of a return to the fulness of grace and the fulness of truth in the Body of Christ!

I declare that any mixture or lack does excessive damage to the reputation of Jesus Christ, and it in fact, this mixture delays salvation to the ones Christ died to save!

May the Church of Jesus Christ be like Jesus in this world.