#4629 – Generational Blessing

Good morning people who speak words of blessing over your family

Hebrews 11:20 NIV By faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau in regard to their future.

This is an interesting verse, and it is an interesting story (you can find it in Genesis 25-28).

Although much could be said, I feel the Holy Spirit direct me to the power of us speaking blessing over our children’s lives, and indeed, other people’s lives too.

Jacob and Esau did not get on well, and there was lots of scheming and manipulation going on. Part of this was, Jacob deceived his father Isaac into thinking he was his older brother Esau in order to receive the firstborn’s blessing. He succeeded.

When Esau found out, he was furious and heartbroken. He begged his father to bless him too, but his father could not alter what he had already spoken over Jacob.

I read this afresh and I’m challenged about the power of the words of blessing that we speak and declare over those we love. There is a binding nature in declaring a prophetic blessing!

Are we speaking blessing over our family by faith, and do we hold onto these prophetic declarations of God’s intention for their lives?