#4615 – Journey of Faith

Good morning people who commit to the journey that God has you on

Hebrews 11:8 NIV By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going.

By faith, Abraham went on a journey towards a future inheritance.

Faith does not exist just for the immediate, but also for the promised future inheritance from God.

Everyone wants everything now. We don’t like the process or the journey. People want to be instantly fit, strong and healthy. People want to get rich quick, and they want to have everything immediately.

But life is not like that, and nor is faith.

So many people are given a promise by God, and then they start on a faith journey towards something that is not physically tangible yet.

Joseph had a long delay between his dream and its fulfilment. David had a long time between being anointed king and sitting on the throne. People were in preparation in the wilderness, some for forty days, and some for forty years.

Faith takes time to mature, and the journey is part of God’s plan to develop our faith more deeply.