#4597 – Kingdom Come

Good morning people who walk as ambassadors of the King

Spiritually mature believers pray for and release the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

The kingdom of God is the realm of the King’s domain and the King’s dominion. It is the spiritual authority of God Himself.

And He has entrusted it to His children!

We are the kings of the King. We are the lords of the Lord. We are the hands and feet of Jesus. We are His delegated authority on the earth that He created and where He has placed us strategically into.

We are saved for a purpose.

Yes, firstly and ultimately it is to live in fellowship with God! My AMEN could not be shouted louder and my joy could not be more full!! HALLELUJAH for relationship with God!!!

But dear friends of God, we are also saved for the purpose of displaying God on earth! That’s right, putting God on display by how we live.

We are His signposts and His heartbeat! But we also represent His authority, power and might!

It’s time for the kingdom of God to be released through the people of God!