#4595 – Looking up

Good morning people who model intimacy with the Lord to other people

Difficulty and trouble comes to us all. There is no one exempt. It comes to the godly and the ungodly alike.

But what we do when difficulty and trouble comes can vary greatly from person to person.

Spiritually mature believers look up to God in faith and keep their eyes on Him.

Intimacy with God and a confident trust in Him is not reserved for wonderful and easy mountaintop times. Sure, we all love these, and I pray you enjoy many of them this year.

But mature believers refuse to allow difficulty and trouble to become their focus and consume their thoughts. This is not easy for anyone, but it is equally an invitation for everyone.

God loves to be with His people. He loves to walk with us, to talk with us and to lead us. He loves to empower us, to move in us and to bless through us.

And this year, He is looking for people who continually look up in faith, and as a result, their life is a continual signpost to His goodness and glory.

Will you be such a person?

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