#4562 – In the Beginning

Good morning people who start the New Year in the right place

Genesis 1:1a NIV In the beginning God

As we step into 2021, let’s start in the right place, and let’s start how we purpose to continue – with God and in God.

God is not an additive to our life; He is the source of life, the authors of life, the sustainer of life, the giver of life. God is Life! God is our Life!

God is Who we need and God is what we need! We do not enter a New Year from a place of lack. Psalm 23 makes it clear that ‘The Lord is our shepherd, we lack nothing.’ If God can’t supply it, then we don’t need it.

God is our Sufficiency, our Sovereign, and our Saviour.

God is our Joy, our Peace and our Righteousness.

God gives mercy and God gives grace.

God gives direction and God gives power.

So, today, let’s all start in the right place; let’s start by meditating on God and spending time with Him.

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