#4559 – Confident Trust

Good morning people who put your hope in the Lord God Almighty

I heard the Lord say, “Write about hope.”

Two different meanings come to mind when I consider the word hope.

Firstly, there is hope that is wishful thinking. We say things like:

I hope the weather improves. I hope I get a pay rise. I hope I don’t get sick. I hope they like me.

We say these things without a great deal of confidence. We know that the outcome is beyond our control, and we know that the outcome can be circumstantial.

But, there is a different kind of hope; a hope that is a confident trust. It is this kind of hope that is on the Lord’s heart for us today. And it is this kind of hope that is only found in Christ alone.

This hope is not circumstantial, but rather, it is based in who our God is. He is unchanging, faithful and true. When circumstances are uncertain, He is not. When the road ahead seems unclear, He knows the end from the beginning.

May we all put our hope in the One who can always be trusted.