#4558 – Don’t Rush

Good morning people who take time to sit with the Lord and lean in deeply

I hear the Lord say, “Don’t rush revelation.”

God wants to give you fresh manna for 2021; a word that is for you, and a word of what Father will do through you.

But we must ensure we give time to waiting on Him. Not impatiently, but with such a sense of anticipation and an eagerness to listen and not rush on.

Holidays are wonderful – I love them too – but let’s not take a holiday from God. Sure, it’s not always about the next thing; let’s enjoy the moment with our Father and our family.

But in this space of breathing deeply and resting deeply, let’s take time to sit with God. If this sounds strange or foreign to you, I encourage you to simply tell God that you want to spend some time with Him. Now ask Him what He wants to do, and when you feel that internal pull towards something where you know it’s possible to encounter God, go for it.

I want to release over you increased revelation from God’s Word as you take time to sit with the Lord and not rush. I pray the Word of God comes alive and that you hear God speak. I pray you enjoy this season with your heavenly Father.

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