#4550 – Spirit Realm

Good morning people who are not bound to or limited by the natural

I come to you this morning with a simple prayer:

I pray that the Spirit realm is opened to you today in a deepening way of increased revelation.

May that which has been theory, become a living reality.

May that which you have read about, become a rhema word of truth.

May the theology of the Spirit living in you, become an intimate communion with the Person of the Holy Spirit who literally abides in you!

I’m grateful for what I have experienced, what I have learnt, what I have received by way of revelation. But I know in my heart that there is so much more!! God also knows that there is so much more!

He is looking for those who have ‘tasted and seen that He is good’, and yet continue to ‘earnestly seek Him’.

It is only a matter of days until we celebrate Christmas; a time to remember that our Lord and Saviour came to earth as a baby. But let’s go beyond just seeing a baby who grew up into a man.

Let’s see the Son of God who came as the Son of Man to take us beyond the natural into the depths of the Spirit! Jesus is the Way to the Father through the Person of the Holy Spirit.

Let’s make this the focus of this upcoming Christmas.