#4549 – Always Pray

Good morning people who never step away from the foundation of prayer

Prayer is always on God’s agenda.

Prayer truly is more powerful than we realise. Our lives prove this point because of the place that prayer often takes (or doesn’t take as the case may be). This is not a criticism, but simply a reality, not only for me, but also for many of us today.

Prayer is so much more than getting answers to our questions, and breakthroughs for our situations and needs. Yes, this is a vital part of prayer, and it is a part of prayer that our Heavenly Father greatly cares about. What is important to us as His child is important to God. But this is only a small part of prayer.

At its core, prayer is about entering into the divine (the Divine); about stepping from the natural into the supernatural, the temporal into the eternal, the mundane into the extraordinary, from ourselves into God who lives in us. It is about stepping beyond the veil; the veil that was torn with the declaration of “It is finished!”, yet is so often erected again in our minds and through a mindset of limitation and lack.

These are days to enter in through continual prayer, and we do so through the open door of Father’s invitation, through the torn veil of the death, burial and ascension of Jesus Christ, and through the indwelling Holy Spirit who lives in us!

It’s time to pray for a deeper revelation of prayer.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 NIV Pray continually.

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