#4544 – A Successful 2021

Good morning people who have God’s view on what is most important

What is the success of 2021 dependent on?

First let me tell you what the success of 2021 is not dependent on:

It is not dependent on the presence or the absence of a virus, on what is happening in politics, nor on how the economy looks.

It is not dependent on whether you get that promotion or not, whether your bank account goes up or down, nor on what others are or are not doing.

The success of 2021 is solely dependent on our submission to the sovereignty of God in our personal lives.

If you find yourself arguing against this when you read it, I would challenge your definition of true success.

Success is not a natural measurement, based on KPIs, nor is it based on ease, growth, applause or everything going according to our plans.

Our success in the eyes of God is measured by how wholeheartedly we do what He has told us to do. God looks at obedience and the joy in which that obedience is done.

Numerous biblical examples show us that you can be successful in a prison or in a palace. It’s not about the physical location, but it is about the posture, priority and pursuit of your heart.

2021 will be as successful as you purpose it to be through your submission and obedience to God.