#4539 – Dependence

Good morning people who pause and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you

I asked Father about the next season, and He said one word to me:


The word dependence means: ‘the state of relying on or being controlled by someone or something else’ 

What and who are we truly relying on most in life?

What and who are we truly being controlled by in life?

This led me to the following question:

What is every part of our life dependent on?

Dependent: ‘contingent on or determined by’

I feel the Lord saying clearly and strongly:

The issue of dependence needs to be settled and sustained.

So, over the coming days I am going to lean into several questions in order to prompt prayerful consideration to where our dependence truly lies.

The success and fruitfulness of 2021 will most definitely be connected to where our primary dependence lies and to what we are really dependent on.

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