#4530 – It Is More

Good morning people who continually press deeper into God and His goodness

The word of the Lord to us all today is this:

Whatever our view of God is, He is greater!

However beautiful we think the love of God is, it is far more beautiful!

However powerful we think the grace of God is, it is more powerful!

Whatever miracles we believe God can do, He can do more!

God’s forgiveness of our sins is greater than we know or accept!

God’s plan and destiny for our lives is more real than we often live in!

God’s desire for all people to know Him is more consuming to Him than we have ever imagined!

There is far more life, power and truth in the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus than we have ever considered!

It is more…the Holy Spirit living in us…the Father’s love for us…the Lord Jesus interceding on our behalf…eternity with God in His glory…it is more…IT IS MORE!

Our greatest need today is not more of something, but a greater revelation of who God is and all that He has planned for us.