#4525 – Speak in Love

Good morning people who speak the truth clearly in a loving way

James 1:16 NIV Don’t be deceived, my dear brothers and sisters.

‘Don’t be deceived’ is an instruction given. But it was not given from a place of domineering or attack. James follows this statement with ‘my dear brothers and sisters’.

I believe that many of us need to do better at ‘speaking the truth in love’.

It’s not just about the words we say (although they are so important). It is about the tone and it is about what accompanies what we say.

Honesty time here. I can very easily bully people with truth because of my frustration with how much evil prevails. Yes, Jesus spoke sternly to religious Pharisees, and He even drove people out of the temple for making it all about business and what they could get from it, but this is not what I am talking about.

Firstly, I’m not Jesus, and secondly, I know that my motivation is wrong at times. And it’s these times that I am talking about. Lashing out at people, even with ‘truth’, is not helpful to the cause of Christ, and it doesn’t draw people closer to God.

Another important distinctive here is, many times our attacks are at those who don’t claim to follow God. Jesus only had love for them – it was the ones who claimed to represent God that He rebuked severely. 

It’s time to season our words with gentleness.

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