#4515 – Tested Faith

Good morning people who trust in God’s goodness in times of trials

Over the last few days of looking at James 1:2-8, I am drawn back to verse 3. Here it is:

James 1:3 NIV Because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.

Yes, there will be trials. Yes, the purpose is to bring us into maturity and completeness, not lacking anything. Yes, we can ask God for wisdom when we lack it. Yes, we must ask in faith if we are going to receive it.

And all of this leads me back to ‘the testing of our faith that produces perseverance.’

A test is not given to make things difficult for us or to fail us. A test simply reveals what we know.

Our faith is ‘our conviction about the truthfulness of God.’

So, all the challenges of life reveal what we truly believe about God. And when trials continue for extended periods of time, our faith really is tested.

Do we really believe that what God has said is true?

The enemy would love to get us to doubt God’s goodness and His love for us. He is relentless, and he skilfully uses trials to paint a picture and make evidence sound real.

But he is a liar and God is Truth!

So, today, let’s firm up our anchor in the truth, and let’s not sway from what we know to be true about our God. Let’s pass the test and bring God glory.

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