#4499 – Pray First

Good morning people who pray before making comments about things

I sense this is a theme that has come through my writing quite a lot over recent months. This is not intentional, but rather, it is a truth that Father will not let me move on from or stop writing and speaking about.

The world needs to see God. The world needs an encounter with God. The world needs to know the truth. The world needs to see the truth being lived out by Christians from a foundation of love.

Therefore, there is no place for Christians to mouth off in frustration and anger. We are not called to push our own agenda and slander people who are appointed by God (Romans 13:1-2).

Yes, it is true that there will be times, when under spiritual persecution, Christians will need to choose to obey God rather than human authority, when human authority demands that we disobey Him. But this is not that.

So today, for the sake of the glory of God and the accurate image of God being seen in us, I simply encourage us all to pray before we comment. Take a moment, ask God what He thinks, and then speak in a way that honours Him and points people to Him.

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