#4496 – Sing & Shout

Good morning people who refuse to be rules by your feelings and emotions

Psalms 81:1 NIV Sing for joy to God our strength; shout aloud to the God of Jacob!

Do you want joy? Do you want strength?

If so, then sing for it and shout aloud for it.

Too often we misread scripture, or we read it from one perspective only.

This verse could be read from the perspective of, “If you have joy because of who God is, sing to Him and shout about how you feel.”

This is indeed an accurate interpretation of this verse.

But an equally accurate interpretation of this scripture and of our multi-dimensional God is this: “If you want to shift your feelings and thoughts from anxiety, worry and fear, then sing to God who is your joy and strength, and who gives joy and strength to those who step from the flesh into the Spirit; sing and shout for the joy and strength you need.”

I also note the imperative of not just thinking or talking about things, but singing and shouting about the the goodness of God. This goes against the flesh.

I have far too often not sung or shouted because I didn’t feel like it. Think about this! My problem in these moments is, I am being ruled by my flesh, not by the Holy Spirit.

May we all step through the doorway of verbalised praise and worship into the joy and strength we desire so much.

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