#4494 – Stopping Prematurely

Good morning people who keep going until God says stop

When God has told you to do something, don’t stop until He tells you to stop.

Circumstances, setbacks, closed doors, opposition, disappointment, fear, high mountains, dark valleys…none of these should be a reason to stop something that God has told you to do.

Many of the instructions of God are to everyone, and they have no used by date. The many commands of God, which are connected to wonderful promises of God, are found in the Bible for every person. In these things, there is never an appropriate time to stop obeying what God has eternally declared.

But there are also some individual and specific commands that God gives to people. Along the way, He can change the instructions, even before we reach completion (remember Abraham sacrificing Isaac).

But here is the imperative point that I believe is a prophetic word for someone today: It must clearly be God who changes the instruction to stop before the time of completion.

There is a battle on in the spiritual realm, and it is manifesting in the natural realm. Coronavirus does not have the final word, or even the determining factor in us completing what Father has told us to do. Sure, we might need to get creative (which is also an expression of who God is), but stopping prematurely is not an option.

What is Father wanting to get your attention on today?

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