#4444 – Restored Justice

Good morning people who defend the oppressed and broken

Isaiah 1:27 NIV Zion will be delivered with justice, her penitent ones with righteousness.

Zion is a type of the Church, and this prophetic vision given by God to Isaiah says that the Church will be delivered with justice.

This is not the justice of God towards a wayward Church, as justice towards sin is punishment.

This is justice from the Church to the fatherless, the widows; this is about correcting the oppressor and defending the oppressed (verses 17 and 23).

At times, social justice has overtaken deep spirituality and love for God, but this has resulted in a swinging of the pendulum for some away from social justice altogether.

Justice is important to God, and His people representing His heart to the broken, marginalised and needy is imperative for the Church.

Justice will be restored as a primary expression of the Church without neglecting our passionate love for God, righteousness and truth. In fact, our passionate love for God, righteousness and truth will be the motivation for our pursuit of justice.

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