#4440 – Beautiful Church

Good morning people who represent the nature and character of God

Psalm 50:2 NKJV Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God will shine forth.

Biblically, Zion represents the Church, and it’s from the Church that God wants to shine forth into the world.

The Church is the ‘called out’ people of God. All Believers are part of the Church, which is the Body of Christ and the Bride of Christ.

God loves His Church very much, and His desire, plan and intention is for us the Church to be perfect in beauty. This perfection is not a representation of our perfect lives, but of our perfect God. It’s the image and nature of God through the people of God that will impact and change the world.

The beauty of the Church is not to be primarily seen in the Church (in weekend meetings). Our primary expression to the world is to be from the Church (out of Zion). Jesus sent the disciples out to preach the good news about Jesus Christ. His plan hasn’t changed.

While the Church means ‘called out’ (and we are to be called out of the world’s pattern and ways), it is in being ‘sent out’ that we will fulfil the Great Commission.

It’s time for the Church to shine the perfection of God’s beauty so vividly that the world takes note and is eternally changed. 

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The Truman Parable

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