#4430 – In the Ordinary

Good morning people who meet with God throughout your day

God says, “I want to meet you in the ordinary.”

Every place is a potential meeting place with God. Yes, we are told to pray in the secret place, and there are times of drawing aside with only God. This is such a delightful and wonderful privilege that we all get to enjoy. But God doesn’t only meet with His people there.

There is no place where God doesn’t want to meet with us and to fellowship with us. To believe otherwise is to be robbed of many divine encounters that should fill our everyday lives.

Moses met with God at an ordinary bush. Balaam heard God through an ordinary donkey. David defeated Goliath with an ordinary stone. Moses parted the Red Sea with an ordinary stick.

If you feel your life is ordinary, I declare to you today that God wants to meet you in the ordinary!

As I have often said, wherever I go, there God is. Every place is a potential meeting place with Almighty God.

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