#4426 – Spiritual Sonship

Good morning people who desire deeper revelation of truth

David McCracken is my natural Dad, but he is also my spiritual Dad. He is one who continues to teach me many things about God and His ways. He is a man full of the Spirit of God and the Word of God, and his wisdom and insight flow straight from Father’s heart.

Understanding the power of being a spiritual son is something that has powerfully impacted my life. And here is the awesome news: Dad has just released a book that powerfully articulates God’s desire about spiritual sonship for each one of us!

This book is for every believer who wants to walk in the very essence of spiritual authority—as empowered sons and daughters of their loving Father.

In The Truman Parable, Dad uses a powerful fictional story and a biblical explanation to open our eyes to the truth that is available for us all. Find out more by clicking the link below. 

The Truman Parable

This is a book for our time, and true freedom will be the result in our lives. I highly recommend you grab a copy!

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