#4424 – Public or Private

Good morning people who care about what God says about you

The focus of our life should not be to appease people, but to please God. Knowing what our Father thinks about us it far more important than what people think about us.

There is power in what happens in our secret place. Time with God in private has a more profound impact on our lives than time with people in public. Yet too often we are more concerned with what people say about us in public than with what God says about us in private.

These are days when a shift is coming. The things that are most important to God are going to become most important to His people. Our private time with God is going to become more important than our public time with people. What God says about us is going to become more important than what people say about us.

A shift is coming, and in that shift, deeper and lasting freedom is coming!

What position does your private time with God take in your life?

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