#4421 – Truth Empowers

Good morning people who store up God’s Word in your heart

Psalms 37:31 NIV The law of their God is in their hearts; their feet do not slip.”

The flow and order of this verse is correct: The Word of God in our hearts empowers our feet to not slip.

God’s Word is not a law that God uses to beat us with. God’s Word is the truth that the Holy Spirit brings revelation through to empower us to know God better and to become more like Him. I could never overstate the power and the priority of God’s Word in our lives!

This verse does not say ‘the law of their God is on their table…or on their bookshelf…or lost somewhere under a pile of books’. No. This verse says ‘the law of their God is in their hearts’.

What do you store up in your heart?

If you are struggling with habitual sin, I encourage you to saturate yourself in God’s Word, and to not only read it, but to memorise it. The Holy Spirit loves to help people memorise the truth.

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