#4413 – Don’t Rush

Good morning people who enjoy spending time with God

In almost every part of life, efficiency is key. Getting the job done as quickly as possible increases productivity and translates into increased profits.

But this is not so in our time with God.

Don’t rush your time with God. It’s not a chore to be completed.

The goal of having a quiet time is not to pray for a certain length of time, nor is it to read through as much of the Bible as you can in the shortest possible time. Quiet times are not about efficiency.

Quiet times are meetings times with God. This is the purpose. This is the objective. This is our privilege.

Read the Bible with a focus on meeting with God. Ask Him to speak to you and then read slowly with a focus on listening. Once He speaks (and He will), stop and lean in. Pray about what He says. Ask Him to show you more. Follow the crumbs to deeper intimacy and greater revelation.

Enjoy God as He is enjoys spending time with you.