#4392 – Our Commander

Good morning people who live and thrive under the Lordship of Christ

Directing the troops in battle denotes a word of command from a superior officer, not suggestions for debate from a buddy.

We kick against authority to our own detriment and to the peril of those who are perishing. People love being part of the family of God, but less like being part of the army of God.

While families often discuss things, in the armed forces it is commands that are given. Why? Because life and death is at stake.

But isn’t life and death at stake in our lives and in the world today?

Isn’t it a bit more serious than our casualness and flippancy would at times suggest?

The Centurion who had authority yet lived under authority was commended by Jesus for his great faith. Jesus called people to deny themselves, take up their cross, and dare I say it, actually follow Him.

Our freedom truly is linked to our submission. In a battle, the victory that is desired is linked to every soldier’s ability to follow the commands from the superior officer, and as a result, to fight as one on the same page.

This is how the Church is called to function! This is healthy.

Permit me to say something that I feel needs to be said. Jesus is not my home boy, my buddy or my pal. I’ve heard people say this and unfortunately I’ve even seen it on merchandise. Yes, Jesus is our closest Friend, but He is still King of kings and Lord of lords and we need a holy dose of holy fear and reverence in the Church! Our God is a God of commands, not suggestions.

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