#4390 – The Bigger Picture

Good morning people who lift up your eyes to what God is doing

I see a soldier, with a drawn sword, standing on top of a hill, directing the troops in battle.

I want to start leaning into our last section of this prophetic picture: Directing the troops in battle.

Some may think that this is just for the leaders. While there are many things Father can say to leaders from this part of the picture (and I believe He will), I truly believe there is something in here for every follower of Jesus Christ. Let’s lean in together.

Directing the troops in battle is focused on the bigger picture, not on an individual person.

Our gravitational pull is so often towards self. “What is best for me?” is not an uncommon question that many ask. When challenges face us, it is so easy to go inward and to shrink back.

But I feel the word of the Lord to many today is: Focus on the bigger picture, not just on yourself.

God is always good! God is always working! God is coming again! This is the bigger picture!

God uses ordinary people for extraordinary purposes! God uses broken people so that He alone receives the glory! This is the bigger picture!

There are people who need an encounter with God through you right now. This is the truth! If you have Christ, you have what others need. If you feel weak, He is your strength. There are many who are lost and alone, so it’s time to lift up your eyes and to say, “Lord, if you want to use me, here I am.” This is the bigger picture!