#4376 – Trained First

Good morning people who commit yourself to the training process in God

Soldiers are trained before they are deployed.

It would be irresponsible of a commanding officer to deploy a soldier without any training.

For those of you who are leaders, we are responsible to equip the saints for the work that God has assigned each person. Part of this equipping is in how to fight the spiritual battles that will most surely ensue. Our primary focus is not to be on fighting the battles for other people, but on empowering them to fight their battles as equipped and ready soldiers.

It would also be irresponsible of a soldier to think that his development is the sole responsibility of his commanding officer.

Two soldiers can receive the same training and yet be vastly different in their preparedness for battle. One soldier may give his full attention to every instruction, while the other soldier kicks against all authority and has no desire to learn.

I want to finish this section with an encouragement to ‘train yourself to be godly’ (1 Timothy 4:7). No one is responsible for my spiritual growth but me, and no one is responsible for your spiritual growth but you. This is the truth and this is good news! Yes, my pastors can preach and I can be discipled by others, but what I choose to do in my own personal development is my choice.

When deployment time comes, will you be trained and ready?