#4375 – Always Ready

Good morning people who live ready to engage in spiritual battles

I see a soldier, with a drawn sword, standing on top of a hill, directing the troops in battle.

Soldiers need to be ready in an instant.

“Hang on, give me a second” is not in the vocabulary of a solder who is deployed. Soldiers can be resting when they are called up for battle. At that moment, the focus shifts and the soldier responds.

I get the picture of an enemy attacking a soldier and the soldier putting up his hand and saying, “Hang on, I’m not ready. Give me a few moments to prepare myself.” This would never happen.

When an enemy comes against you, it is to late to prepare for battle.

So how do we prepare for spiritual battles?

We prepare by walking in close friendship with God and total submission to Him. We prepare by being people who live in God’s Word and live from God’s Word. We prepare by keeping in step with the Holy Spirit and being continually filled by the Holy Spirit.

Proverbs 21:31 NIV The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the Lord.

Horses and humans need to be prepared for the day of battle. It will come and we must be ready. But the good news is that victory rests with the Lord! This is the beauty of our partnership with God! When we do our part, it releases God to do His part, and His part is the victory!!