#4374 – Under Command

Good morning people who understand kingdom and natural authority

Soldiers understand authority and chain of command.

Authority. Unfortunately it is seen as a bad word by so many people today. It is not.

Yes, there are plenty of stories about the abuse of authority. Let me be clear: abuse of authority is always wrong. It can damage people and it can destroy lives.

But that is the abuse of authority, not authority itself. Authority comes from God, not from people. Authority is healthy and it is necessary. Without it, anarchy rules and destruction is the result.

Not every soldier likes every commanding officer. There are plenty of clashes of personalities. But when it comes to being on a battlefield, soldiers understand authority and chain of command. Soldiers know how to put personal preferences aside for the sake of winning a battle and protecting their fellow soldiers. Good soldiers submit to authority and follow the chain of command.

This ought to be how we are as Believers too! It is time to fully come under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. He is a God of commands, not of suggestions. It’s time to submit our will to His will. It’s time to obey even when it costs. It’s time to break the gravitational pull towards the worldly mindset of ‘nobody will tell me what to do!’

Simply put, its time to be godly, and godly people have enlisted in the army of God and they have committed themselves to being under God’s authority as well as being under human authority.

As a soldier, how is your submission to your Commanding Officer and to His delegates authority?